Preserving Our History, Inc. - WHERE GENERATIONS MEET
Preserving Our History, Inc. historical organization specializing in:
  • Establishment of new organizations
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Collections Management
  • Board Development
  • Genealogy Programming - including curriculum and workshops, historical research, diversity and team building  for people of all ages.
Preserving Our History's share of the market is anyone, a family or any organization interested in history, lineage and ancestry.  From beginning of time, to the people taken from Africa and enslaved and their descendants, to the Jewish people interred in concentration camps, to the people of Nova Scotia who were forced to relocate to Louisiana, to the descendants of Ellis Island arrivals, to all displaced Native American tribes and to the Laotians forced to leave their country. 

People of all races, cultures and nationalities are intrigued and curious about their lineage and history.  The power of social change is greatly enhanced by the knowledge of one race connection to another.

"A people without the knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture is a like a tree with roots" - Marcus Garvey